Women’s Rose-Gold Necklace (Pendant) With A Huge Swarovski Pink Heart And Many Little White Crystals


Heart shape is a symbol of love. It’s so popular, that even little kids draw it. Most of the time it has red color. But it may look even nicer in a different one. These days you can buy many marvelous things in this shape. But the best one is jewelry. Especially the pendants in a heart shape, like the one you can get here.

The necklace is so astonishing, that there are no words to describe it. First of all, look at the color of alloy. Beautiful rose gold color just adorns it so nicely. Next elements are beautiful small white crystals. But the most important is the sparkling huge Swarovski pink heart in the center. The heart if very well polished. I really hope you have already set your heart on this incredible necklace. Your neck absolutely deserves it.

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  • Main stone: Swarovski crystal
  • Alloy color: rose-gold


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